Styletto, making life easier with excellent connectivity, long battery run, and OVP technology.

Styletto is the best hearing aid that meets all the demands of customers having a sleek design. Crystal-like clear sound is delivered by Syletto connects.

Styletto is a rechargeable hearing aid that consists of a lithium-ion battery that is used for 5 hours of streaming without any need for charging. The size of the Signia is very compatible, that it is three times smaller than others and can be easily carried out and fit in the pocket.

According to our hearing aid reviews, users are liking the quality of sound that is produced from the device, which is amplified and made clear with the OVP system.

Styletto for hearing aids are highly advanced earbuds that will offer smooth connectivity via Bluetooth. Using this feature gives you direct excess and connectivity to your mobile phone hence managing your class, music, and TV

Signia also offers a mobile app that is useful for the adjustment of hearing aids and this app works with iOS or Android smartphones. All of these made Styletto one of the best hearing aid accessories for users.


Styletto 7x

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Styletto 5x

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Styletto 3x

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Product Specifications

  • Rechargeable
  • Free trial period
  • Noise reduction
  • Portable
  • Made for smartphone and iPhones
  • Channel: 48
  • Manual programs: 6

Product Variants

Technology & Pricing Differences between 3X, 5X, 7X

$$3,598.00 Per Pair

Styletto 7x Premium

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  • Acoustic Sensor 5/5
  • Adjustment Bands 5/5
  • Soundscape Processing 5/5
  • Sound Clarity: 5/5
  • Suitable for Less Active Lifestyles
$$3,198.00 Per Pair

Styletto 5x Moderate

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  • Acoustic Sensor 4/5
  • Adjustment Bands 4/5
  • Soundscape Processing 4/5
  • Sound Clarity: 4/5
  • Suitable for Moderately Active Lifestyles
$$2,798.00 Per Pair

Styletto 3x Intermediate

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  • Acoustic Sensor 2/5
  • Adjustment Bands 3/5
  • Soundscape Processing 2/5
  • Sound Clarity: 3/5
  • Suitable for Highly Active Lifestyles

Styletto X Technology Levels & Pricing

Styletto 7x
Styletto 5x
Styletto 3x
$3,598.00 Per Pair / $1,799.00 Per Aid$3,198.00 Per Pair / $1,599.00 Per Aid$2,798.00 Per Pair / $1,399.00 Per Aid
Dynamic Soundscape Processing

Own Voice Processing

Sound Clarity

Signal Processing Gain
Hearing Programs
Speech Quality

Made for iPhone
Product Variations
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1. What level of hearing loss is Styletto suitable for?

Styletto is suitable for aiding in mild to moderate hearing problem

2. Which rechargeability technology will Styletto have and that benefits will it offer?

  • Styletto has lithium-ion rechargeability technology, that is heavily employed in various massive industries like shopper physics, vehicles, etc. Lithium-ion is presently the simplest rechargeability resolution in the hearing aid trade because of its:
    • Longer daily runtime, Longer overall lifespan
    • Shorter charging time (together with a quick charging option)
    • High usability/convenience for the user

3. What is the battery runtime of Styletto?

Fully charged Styletto hearing aids provide an: up to 19 hours daily runtime without streaming; and. up to 16 hours daily runtime with 5 hours direct streaming.

4. How can I fast charge them if I don't have time?

We provide an ultra-slim portable charging case for this, free from cables.

5. How long does the battery of the portable charging case hold?

The Styletto charging case permits three full charges of your amplifiers “in a hurry”. This conveys a surprising four days* of client self-rule.

6. What are the client control components of Styletto?

Styletto has no installed controls. It is distantly controllable through the myControl App or by means of miniPocket extra

Styletto 1x How it Works

How It Works?


If you had a hearing exam within the past 6 months, please submit it to us. You can also take our easy-to-use online hearing test; however, it is recommended that you see an Audiologist or Hearing Care Professional for your hearing test. Please feel free to call us at 1-866-910-4327(HEAR) if you have any questions or to schedule a consult appointment.

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Once we receive your audiogram or online hearing test, one of our Doctors of Audiology will review your audiogram and a Specialist will contact you to discuss your hearing test, answer any questions you may have and help you find the right hearing aids for your lifestyle and budget.

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Based on your audiogram and recommendations, we will order the hearing aids you selected and program them according to your hearing test.

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