How Hearing Aid Dr Works

Hearing Aid Dr is the most trustworthy, affordable way to shop online and improve your hearing health. Our shopping experience is customized to you.


Email or Call to speak with one of the Hearing Aid Dr specialists

Schedule a time with one of our experts to speak about Hearing Aids and Accessories.

How confidential and secure this service is ?

Our website is HIPAA compliant and your information is safe with us.

Who will my consultation be with?

Our Doctors of Audiology and Licensed Hearing Aid technicians will get in touch with you via email or phone call to offer any personalized recommendations.

How Hearing Aid Dr Works

Speak to an Audiologist via a video call or audio call.

You can talk to one of our Audiologist, hearing care experts if you have any questions about hearing aids. Our hearing experts are here to guide you on hearing loss and provide all the support that you are looking for.

How to shop Hearing Aids Online

Receive an Audiologist approved, personalized product recommendations.

At the end of the call after discussing with you, or if you have already uploaded an audiogram, our hearing experts will offer you personalized product and hearing care recommendations based on your hear test results, lifestyle, needs, budget.

How It Works

Programmed and fitted Hearing aids and accessories will be shipped to your doorstep.

Our Audiologists and Hearing health experts will program your hearing aids tailored to your personal needs and ship it to your doorstep. We offer a 45 day money back guarantee, 3 year warranty, remote fitting and service.

Hearing Aid How It Works

Receive an expert remote after care.

If you have purchased from us, we offer an expert remote after care and reprogram your hearing aids as needed.

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Do You Have Your Audiogram?

Before you choose the hearing aids you want, be sure to submit your hearing test! At Hearing Aid Dr, we require that your audiogram is signed, dated, includes all of the proper scores, and is no older than six months. After visiting your local doctor or an Ear, Nose, and Throat Clinic to receive your hearing test, you can submit it here or by emailing us
Once you upload or email your audiogram, please call or schedule a call with us

Submit Hearing Test

Take Online Hearing Test

While there’s no substitute for a check-up with a hearing professional, our interactive hearing tests below will give you an idea of how well you can hear and communicate in everyday life.

Your first step to better hearing is only a click away. In less than five minutes you’ll have a better understanding of your hearing health.

Take our quick & easy hearing test online to find out your score

Start The Hearing Test Now

Still Not Sure ?

Are you still confused or not sure about the hearing aids and accessories that are right for you, schedule an appointment with us. Our licensed Audiologist and Hearing Aid dispensers can help you.

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