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Remote Assistance, Higher Patient Satisfaction, Best In Class Trial Success.

At a time when reducing the spread of the coronavirus is on many people’s minds, remote assistance for hearing aids is essential. TeleCare offers remote assistance and supports you from the first appointment all the way through aftercare.

Did you know that Signia offers you the possibility of comprehensive remote support via Signia TeleCare? Via TeleCare, you can schedule follow-up appointments and adjust the hearing aid settings remotely without your clients needing to leave the comfort and security of their own home.

Gold Standard In Remote Assistance

Remote Tuning

It ensures that the patients feel comfortable with their hearing aids wherever they are. With Telecare, you can have any issue solved quickly by making adjustments remotely. TeleCare also allows you to communicate live via voice or video call during the remote sessions.

Signia Application's Remote Tuning Feature

Care Chat

Stay in close contact with your patients via chat messages, voice, or video call. You can use TeleCare to communicate directly via your patient smartphones. It takes less time than traditional practice visits and allows troubleshooting any problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Care Chat Feature Of signia App

Daily Satisfaction Ratings

Predict Trail Success with ease by monitoring how your patients feel about their hearing experience on a daily basis. Patients get a daily reminder to leave a satisfaction rating in the Signia App. You can then see their ratings, comments, and wearing time in Telecare, so you can promptly intervene to help via remote tuning.

Rating Image

Hearing Lessons

Give your patients the opportunity to get to know their hearing aids at their own pace. They can rate their experience of the situations they are in, which makes the differences between devices visible-and lets patients know their feedback. This makes it much easier  for them to select the right hearing aid.

Hearing Lessons on Signia App


1. What are the technical prerequisites for TeleCare?

The Signia hearing aids as well as the smartphone of your patient should be compatible with the myHearing App.

You can check the list of compatible devices on our website. Stable internet connection on your (WLAN or LAN with DSL/16MBit) as well as your patient’s (WLAN, LTE or 4G) side is needed.

A headset is needed for voice calls and additionally a webcam if you would like to make video calls.

2. How can I register and start to use TeleCare?

The easy and intuitive setup process enables you to activate TeleCare within a few minutes.

3. Is TeleCare free of charge?

Yes. With TeleCare, we currently offer you the full range of the available feature set completely free of charge.

4. Is my personal data protected?

The data of your practice as well as patients are completely safe. We have multiple   certifications and are in conformity with General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union. Moreover, the Telecare Portal is TRUSTe- and the myHearing app TÜV-certified. Sivantos has no access to your personal data.

The TeleCare Portal and all data related to it is stored on servers provided by Microsoft Azure. Access to these systems is highly restricted and controlled. Any access is logged and documented for audit purposes. Communication between hearing care professionals’ browser sessions or patient devices and the web servers is also secured and encrypted (with HTTPS).

5. How private patient information remains confidential?

We are providing the highest data security and privacy. All data and all communication between the TeleCare Portal and the app on your patient’s smartphone are encrypted. Access to the TeleCare Portal is protected by a password for every employee in your practice. You and your patients can be fully confident about data security.

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